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Testimonials for freelance director, producer & writer David Bradburn

David E Tolchinsky

Chair Northwestern University Radio-TV-Film Dept. 

Writer  "The Coming of Age"


I've had all kinds of experiences as a screenwriter, but watching directorDavid Bradburn and his Chicago-based cast and crew bring my script to life in such a passionate, artful, fun, nuanced, intense and frightening manner reminded me why I wanted to be a screenwriter in the first place. Thanks to Fork the Man for commissioning me to write this short.


It was a pleasure to work with Fork the Man and David Bradburn, who is professional, respectful of writers, and able to articulate his vision as a director. The environment he created on the set was efficient, warm, and encouraging of creativity. Whatever David did – I’ve never seen a cast and crew work so hard on a film project. Clearly, he inspires the best in the people he works with.


Fork the Man is extremely well run and professional.  I would definitely recommend.

Anne Jacques

Barbara - "The Coming of Age"


Working with David Bradburn is my idea of best-case scenario. He creates a collaborative environment on all levels, and supports creative exploration. The most striking thing about David’s set is the way his calm demeanor infuses the workday, and influences everyone on set. Team building is a real strong suit of David’s: I felt the creative intent and focus of the cinematographer and crew to a remarkable degree. Thoroughly prepped, he is also flexible when the inevitable unexpected circumstance happens. Undergirding all of this is his very creative, artful mind, which keeps all involved in a project excited and energized. I truly felt freed to do my best work with David directing the film. 

Chris Gearhart 

President Lakeview Productions


I have had the great privilege to work with David Bradburn over the past year, and on many projects.  David is a patient veteran of production, who never loses his head or his cool--but is a skilled, deft, and dogged practician.  I have a great respect for his skill, his love for the craft, and his ability to work with everyone around him.

Robert Patrick Stern



Whether it be commercial or narrative, David chases the inner workings of story in high detail and invests his everything into them. He pushes the community to think creatively, fearlessly, and beyond what it is doing currently. David Bradburn is someone who pushes me.

Tom McElroy



It is a real joy to work with David. From location, to DP, to crew, hair, makeup and more he puts together the best of the best. He's very clear in his vision and in his direction. As an actor he knows actors and how to communicate exactly what he is looking for and at the same time trusts what the actor brings to the table. The collaboration produces an incredible result as you may see by taking a look at any of his work! I'm pleased and proud to be a member of the team for Home.

Tony Bradburn 

Subject  My Brother's Other Mother


During the shooting process, I was with David for nearly an entire week, almost nonstop.  David had the discernment to push when he needed to increase the energy and to lay back when it was better to move more slowly.  While editing, he worked tirelessly to ensure that the film told a consistent story while delivering an award-winning punch to the gut.  His balance of humor and insightful composition kept audiences involved through the end. For example, seeing that this filming venture was an emotional venture as well, there was a specific day when I was willing to stop moving forward and start a wasteful detour of tourist proportions.  After sharing this feeling, David mentioned that we had more options.  As he started to share, we became reinvigorated with the prospective options until, finally, we made a critical phone call to a local television studio.  After hearing me out, they invited us to come in to talk with them.  During that face-to-face conversation, they learned more details about my search for my birth mother and were compelled to aid us.  In fact, that very night, they invited me onto their national television show to share my story with the country.

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